For more than fifty years, APE has constantly been developing and delivering innovative technical solutions.

From its first automatic case packers, depalletizers, case erectors, packers, case sealers and palletizers, all of our machines are the result of continuous innovation whose aim is to make available the best possible machines to our Customers.

Product and production are two integral and inseparable parts of the beverage world. The machineries for packaging, bottling and labelling are the tools that, throughout technology, ensures quality and efficiency.



Every day thousands of our Customers rely on our machines for the production of their wines, spirits, beers, oils and vinegars.

APE’s responsibility is to ensure the running of the machines.

From the analysis, design, production, commissioning and after sales, more than sixty people work together every day to achieve this goal.



New production requirements see the day into the beverage world as a result of the market going global.

Efficiency does not just mean making available a SERIESs of machines that meet the needs of our Customers to automate their production processes. In addition to this, the ability of a company is measured in the manner in which this objective is being reached.

Therefore APE offers customized, tailor-made solutions, developing increasingly simple and flexible technical solutions, together with our own Customers.


Customized solutions

To reach this goal APE devotes the whole engineering business unit to the study and construction of complete packaging lines.

The customization of some of our machines makes possible to adapt to specific requirements our Customers encounter in the automation of their packaging process.


Simplicity and Flexibility

The challenge is to make faster, simpler and more flexible production processes; Technology is the instrument that makes this happen.

The 3000 HP SERIESs, our answer.


Designing together

What sets us apart is our continuous will to improve. Demanding our best, taking on new challenger, growing.

Our journey is made of milestones. The destination is our choice: every day, together.

We are not only proud to be part of the same team, we are proud to be part of "this" Family.