Where our story began.

Red wine in wineglass on  black background

INDUSTRY 4.0 is an innovative concept that integrates new technologies to improve efficiency and operating quality of the commissioning.
The SMART FACTORY model consists of these elements: new technologies, systems’ integration and production efficiency.
This is not just about the future, but is our present, and what has already been made with our Customers.

The project developed for Vinicola Serena, since 1881 one of the most recognized reality in one of the most famous wine area famous in Italy and Worldwide, with the supply of a new production line which includes the depalletizer and the entire end-of-the-line 3000 SERIESS HP not only represents but "is" the INDUSTRY 4.0.

The technology of our machinery, in collaboration with other suppliers, made possible the creation of an integrated system. A new "intelligent" system that can gather information, process and actively interact in order to optimize the production processes.

Developing the technology that accompanies our Customers in the future.